The vestiges of a millennial empire, Japan's most beautiful places to visit.

April 21, 2018

Its a country of sweet contradictions, very modern yet very routed in tradition. The "Land of the Rising Sun" as it is usually called is a country where past meets future. Tradition and heritage are preserved in a land of talking robots, and high-tech gadgets on the cutting edge. it is also a land of natural beauty. The group of islands is small, yet the people have created so much from a limited amount of resources. The cities are modern yet full of landmarks that date back to millennia ago. The country has a rich palate of cuisine, and a far east cultural mix that is unique.


Tokyo :

Tokyo and its metropolitan area is  in the top two largest cities both by area and population. Very modern but dotted with monuments of the countries history. In a city of 38 million souls, there is something for everyone, On top of things to see, the temples of Asakusa is the quintessential Japanese temple. The gardens of the Imperial Palace are a living display of Japanese architecture. the city has many commercial centers. and one of the world's biggest fish markets which is a sight to behold by itself. the city comes alive in the evenings and can be very captivating.


Kyoto :

The ancient capital of Japan for over a millennium, and was the imperial residence and seat of power until the 19th century when the Japanese renaissance( Meiji) moved the capital to Tokyo. It is now the country's cultural heart and soul. The city has many palaces, shrines, temples and other landmarks which largely escaped destruction during the war.


Osaka :

Sometimes considered the seat of Japanese traditional cuisine. The Osaka Tournament of Japan's national sport, sumo wrestling is held there in mid-March. The city has a wide variety of restaurants that serves some of the staple foods of Japanese cuisine including a few varieties of Sushi.


Mount Fuji :

One of japans most recognizable geographic features worldwide. The mountain is also a near-mythical national symbol. if you would rather not commute to visit it, it is sometimes visible from Tokyo on clear days.


There are many other destinations in japan that are worth checking out. Sado Island,Yaeyama Islands , Hiroshima, Nara, and three holy mountains. Although far flung, a visit to the country is sure to provide tons of fun, and leave a strong impression.  





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