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France's sweet spots

France is a very charming destination with some many things to do and see, Although it is pricier than your average destination, there is something for everyone.

Paris :

Paris is the quintessential first stop for almost anyone wanting to visit France. The city is full of attractions, almost all of which are world famous has everything. After experiencing, what in my opinion, a solid but sub-par airport ( Charles De Gaulle,) compared to some European cities. Paris has landmarks and sights to satisfy every taste. With a long rich history Paris has museums of every genre, including the Louvre, which houses some of the worlds most iconic pieces. The Eiffel Tower is a memorable stop, the Seine river with its artificial beach, great food and drinks, parks, cafes, clubs and more. The choices are many, but whatever you chose, you will more than likely not be disappointed. The food itself is an experience meticulously prepared with ingredients made a la French. The breads, the pasties, and the drinks tickle your senses.

Not too far away is the The Palace of Versailles. The seat of power and gilded opulence for French kings since it was built by Louis XIV.

Roman heritage :

France was one the Roman Empire's prime provinces, and the country still has reminders of that heritage, especially towards the south of the country. Some of the ruins are the best anywhere outside of Italy. Southern France has many cities and small towns that offer such sights.

Lyon :

and the area surrounding it is not just rich with history, especially medieval and renaissance, but it is also a prime location to experience the authentic French lifestyle. Picturesque castles and small villages dot the landscape. The old city itself is full of such reminders, with churches, museums and squares that bring history alive. Lyon is a must for history buffs, and provides a contrast to historical sights that one would see on the beaches of Normandy.

Bordeaux :

A visit to Bordeaux means having the chance to sample some of the worlds best wines. the city is the largest In France by area, sitting on the bank of the Garonne river. Most of the attractions are in the city center, and are quite easy to get to. The petit Museum of Bordeaux Wine and Trade offers an educational experience that involves wine tasting.

Marseille :

Marseille is the second largest of France’s cities. Although It is a large industrial metropolitan center. Its charm resides also in its location close to Italy and the Mediterranean. The Corniche, the old town, the old port, and several colorful markets, give the city its unique character.

You can also stop at St. Tropez on the way to Nice or Cannes, and check out why this is a prime location for the rich and famous.

The French Alps :

The French Alps are a prime attractive for outdoor activities, especially for winter vacationers, such as Alpine Skiing and mountaineering. the Alps are world renown for some of the best ski slopes, and stunning natural beauty, including many alpine lakes, the largest is Lake Geneva.

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