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Best cities to visit in South America

Rio De Janeiro:

You have heard of Rio for its carnival or from the Olympics it is also known for its breathtaking landscape, its beach culture. the beaches snake around forming a river mouth like bay. the several hills surrounding this make for a spectacular urban scene with buildings climbing the sides of the hills including high rise ones and even the poor quarters making for a colorful mix. The overwhelming feature of this landscape is the Corcovado hill, meaning the hunchback, with the statue of Christ the redeemer, which offers scenic views of the whole city. The beaches are world famous, including the iconic Copacabana, and Ipanema, not to exclude many other beaches, some of which are , however, not appropriate for bathing.

Buenos Aires:

The point of departure to visiting Argentina, with its southern islands almost touching Antarctica, and the world famous Ushuaia. The city is full of green open spaces and parks, central Buenos Aires has architecture reminiscent of a Spanish city. It can also be seen from the river on a cruise. At night the city comes alive with a party atmosphere. There are many things you can do in the city, walks bike rides, and even Tango lessons, or at least catch a show.


Santiago is one of the best metropolitan centers in South America, with a rich architectural heritage, trendy cafes and clubs, events, theaters, museums, restaurants, bars. One of its pleasant features is its Mediterranean climate. The city can be a hub for skiing and mountain climbing excursions, it can also be a starting point to visit the Galapagos, and even Easter island.

Many other destinations stand out as the south American continent is a vibrant place full of history and landscapes of breathtaking beauty

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