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Less popular places that are absolutely delightful: Montreal.

Montreal, Canada:

Canada's second largest city, Montreal is in the province of Quebec, it is also only second to Paris a the largest French-speaking city in the world. Celebrating its 375th birthday, the city has a rich history that goes back to the french explorers, in an area settled by native Americans for thousands of years. Hence the large amount of landmarks, cathedrals and churches and museums all accessible just on foot, which is a perfect for the inner city and the narrow streets of the old port (Old Port). Walking is also a good chance to see the very creative green spaces that dot the city. With some interesting features as the illustration photos show. You also notice the clean feel of the city, as is noticed in most Canadian cities actually. With not much littering taking place to begin with.

Getting around by bike is also a good choice as the city has 660 km of cycling paths. There is no shortage of bars, restaurants some of which date back to the prohibition era in America, which was a boon to some Canadian cities, with patrons crossing over to enjoy themselves. The food varies from your average fast food to classy cuisine. And many places allow customers to bring their own wine to enjoy their meal. open and green spaces are everywhere...and so much more to see: amusement parks, shopping areas, the bio-dome, Old Montréal, the Parc du Mont Royal...There is so much to do in the city, from walking and enjoying the fresh air the arts pieces in parks and greens spaces, to bird-watching, to enjoying a cafe terrace, or a concert on a beautiful night. Montreal is not just another big city, it is a delightful experience

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