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New York vs L.A.

New York has for decades been the face of the new world. The original metropolis, New York invented many features of the modern big city. Its skyline is probably the most recognizable in the world. The city is fast paced and crowded, but that can be part of its charm. walking through its streets you feel a sense of urgency, as your steps pick up to match the pace of the crowd. One of its most iconic spots is time square, with its LED lights, and screens "visible from space". Just standing or sitting on the square observing is in itself an experience, it makes you forget what time it is...The museums are second to none in the world. Central park is a delightful green oasis in the middle of the urban jungle. Broadway always has something for every taste. The infrastructure is excellent, the restaurants, theaters, bars and nightclubs are teaming with people and offer something for every taste, probably more so than any other city in the world. Being in New York, you get the feeling that you are at home, no matter where you come from, you feel welcome, and a sense of belonging, hence its reputation as a melting pot, and a destination for big dreamers. It is truly one of the most fun places to visit in the entire world.

Los Angeles on the other hand, the city has its own iconic spots to visit. Hollywood, with all its film studios is the quintessential first stop, The Hollywood walk of fame...Not to forget the beautiful beaches. L.A. is a city for dreamers, and though it holds a reputation for being laid back, people in L.A. work hard to achieve their dreams. The many world class restaurants it holds, offers its inhabitants a vast palate of foods and cuisines with homegrown ingredients. Since California, among other things, is a produce powerhouse.

In New York you can find anything within walking distance, although public transportation has a very good coverage. The temperature is about 10 degrees cooler on average than L.A. In New York, you can enjoy comedy shows, Broadway musicals, the metropolitan opera, the museums etc. In L.A. you can partake in the beach activities, the surfing the swimming. it is close to snow capped mountains, and deserts alike. and the weather is reminiscent of the Mediterranean. And you are not far off from San Francisco, which has its own flavors...

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