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Scotland, the hidden warmth of the highlands.

The enchanting scottish highlands, nestled between the north see to the east, and the north Atlantic to the west, at the northern most part of the British Isles. Scotland is a land of lush green beauty, and a history to match. A land of lore and folktales, monsters and giants. A scene for bloody battles that turned the tide of history, and castles that withstood the test of time, and stand as a witness of the glamour of a land and its people.

Visiting Scotland, you do not just get to experience lively vibrant cities, distinctive warm music and colorful attire. you experience much more, as you walk through the streets and around every corner you feel the historical significance, you can't help but think that many a historic figure stepped on the same cobblestones, that lead to some of the countries main landmarks.

visiting the countryside you get immerse in the foregone histories of the clans, with famous names that scatter the world over. you feel the spiritual connection, in its renown cathedrals. and a sense of shear awe standing in the halls of its castles.

There are surprisingly a lot of things for free, and even the attractions charging admission fees, are affordable, close to nominal. In Glasgow for example, which is the largest city in the country, you can visit the The Kelvingrove Art Gallery which, among other masterpieces, houses Salvador Dali painting: "Christ of Saint John of the Cross." The botanical gardens, Victoria Park, for those who enjoy being outdoors, Glasgow is full of sights, monuments and historically significant landmarks. All of these are free of charge. The thousand year old Glasgow cathedral is a delightful trip into the past, with regular sermons still held within its walls, and again no admission fee.

The capital, Edinburgh, is one of those enchanting cities that successfully marries modernity to a cozy traditional historical feel, in a distinctly Scottish way. You find yourself walking out of a trendy cafe, or a modern building, and a few steps away be staring history in the face, in the form of the many historical buildings that this beautiful old city has around every corner. To that effect, most of the city center is considered a UNESCO world heritage sight. The city has its party side, and every summer the city holds the World's largest Arts Festival,Similar to Glasgow, you can find many an attraction to explore and enjoy for free, yet again, what you can see and experience might be worth any admission price.

As a whole, the climate is temperate and mild, and most tourists try to avoid the rainy seasons, but mind you, that wet climate can have its own charm...If you decide to avoid the rains, however, expect to compete with the healthy crowds of the high summer season, since Scotland is a very popular tourist destination the wold over. A little planning ahead might save some hassle and secure valuable tickets to well located accommodations and attractions. but it is all part of the charm of this beautiful enchanting land.

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