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Most visited cities in Asia: Top Five

The most visited cities in Asia. Some on the top ten you never heard of. Some you might have but never thought they would feature on this count up of highest frequented destination cities. Stay tuned and check out these amazing cities, with their flaws and beautiful sides alike. Enjoy the top half of the count up of most visited cities in the continent of Asia.

# 5 - Seoul, South Korea:

This huge metropolis is on the cutting edge of technology. nevertheless, it holds on to South Korea's strong traditions. Seoul used to be the seat of Koren royalty and has some of the country's best landmarks including many castles. There are many accessible mountains, and parks that attract people year-long. Seoul, South Korea sees 12.44 million international visitors.

South Korean capital of Seoul, beautiful garden

# 4 -Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo needs no introduction. the worlds most populous metropolitan area is full of pleasant surprises, and is another example of traditions meeting modernity.

Tokyo, Japan gets 12.5 million international visitors.( Click on the link to learn the ins and outs about Tokyo.)

# 3 - Singapore:

The British founded this trading colony in 1819, as the hub for sea commerce it has since blossomed into a very prosperous state. It's reputation for trade as one of the worlds financial hubs is still strong, and it has a very busy port, possibly the busiest. The small island, although densely populated, is full of parks and reserves, and has one of the most beautiful metropolitan centers in the world, with a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences. Apart from the nature and reserves, the parks and gardens, Singapore has some nice beaches and offers a multifaceted array of world cuisines, Chinese, Indian, Arab, south east Asian, not to mention some of the best seafood. Singapore city is city boy's haven, very vibrant and full of activity, although it is very expensive in many ways.

Singapore sees 13.45 million international visitors.

Gardens by the bay, in Singapore

# 2 - Dubai, UAE:

Dubai, using petrodollars has embarked on massive construction projects over the last couple of decades. The results have transformed the face of the Arabian gulf city. it is becoming a hub for air transport and luxury tourism. Some of the worlds most impressive construction projects have taken places here. The palm, and Jumeira islands, Burj Al Arab, one of the worlds priciest hotels. And the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa.

Dubai, UAE is visited by 16 million international visitors, many are high end tourists.

View of Dubai from the tallest building in the world

# 1 - Bangkok, Thailand:

This sprawling modern city in Thailand, is not just a hub for vacationers seeking the calm turquoise waters of the Indian ocean of Krabi, or the original Thai paradise of Phuket. Mountain trekking thrill seekers heading for Chiang Rai, or even the cultural tourist to Ayutthaya or Chiang Mai. Bangkok is in itself a vacationers paradise. It doesn't seem like vacationers are discouraged by the heat, the congested streets, or the shady nightlife. They flock to Bangkok in droves, to enjoy the city's busy markets, nightlife, food, canals, not to mention Bangkok has some of the most magnificent temples in all of Asia. This is why this Asian metropolis of more than 11 million inhabitants sits at #1. Bangkok, Thailand gets around 20.2 million international visitors (2017 estimates.) More than any other city in the entire world.

View of golden temple in Bangkok

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