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Most visited cities in North America: Los Angeles.

Introduction: ( skip if already read)

The most visited cities in North America promise to satisfy your curiosity entertain your sense of history and fulfill the adventurer in you. some of these cities are household names but others you didn't think would feature on the list. A common theme among these cities is no shortage of landmarks, museums, monuments, parks activities, and depending on your taste, each and every one could easily be the place for the a vacation you hoped for.

One thing that was surprising, however looking at the numbers, is that these are not in the top 10 worldwide. still they attract a very healthy number of visitors every year, whom depart having experienced a wonderful time.

Let's find out in this list of summaries, which cities see the most visitors ( International,) and discover a little bit more bout each of these destinations.

# 4- Los Angeles, USA:

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis, spanning for miles. the second largest city in the united states is an urban sight to behold from high up, and especially at night. Home to more than 17 million inhabitant, coming, not only from around the united states, but from around the world, in pursuit of dreams of fame.

The view from Griffith park, also great for hikes and picnics is excellent... The Wisdom Tree east of the Hollywood sign can also be used to gaze on the city.

L.A is surrounded by many cities that are home to some of the worlds most well known theme parks. Universal studios, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Knott’s Berry Farm... Are all big crowd favorites and attract a lot of the visitors that come to L.A.

Los Angeles, also holds some of the best concerts bar none, in world famous venues, such as The Staple Center, The Greek Theater, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall...

The beaches, made nicer by the Mediterranean climate of L.A. have been featured in many a motion picture, are prime spots for surfing, bodybuilding, and other beach sports...

This summary only scratches the surface, on what makes L.A. a sought after destination for 5.8 million international visitors.

L.A Beach, one of the city's best attractions

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