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The most visited European cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul.


In this series of summaries we will bring you 13 of Europe's most visited cities, these cities as demonstrated by the millions whom every year pack up and head for what they offer from heritage, architecture, art and entertainment. very beautiful cities that make anyone's vacation or trip memorable...

# 5 - Amsterdam, Netherlands:

The financial, cultural, and creative heart of the country, and its largest city. and one of the bastions of liberal attitude the world over. Amsterdam has dozens of art museums including the Van Gogh Museum and the Jewish History Museum. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The many canals crisscrossing the city offer a chance for a close up experience, peeking into the canal-side cafes with pedestrians and bikers going by. Tours are offered in large boats or smaller more intimate ones for reasonable fees. Amsterdam has one of the most extensive historic city centers dating to medieval times. And in spite of its relaxed attitude, Amsterdam is an excellent family destination within close distance of many other hot spots in the country.

Amsterdam, Netherlands — 8.7 million international visitors.

#4- Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona, Spain Is the prime destination in Spain with modernist architecture, vibrant cultural life, nightclubs, and beaches, markets and restaurants. The city has a rich history and is the seat of Catalonian culture. It is also known for sun and relaxation. The city has Roman, medieval, and modern architectures, with some masterpieces by famed artist Gaudi. This provides for some real visual pleasures especially on foot. The city has 9 beaches most of which are excellent. It gets really busy during August, which makes for a vibrant nightlife but can also be a challenge. Barcelona, Spain attracts 8.9 million international visitors.

#3- Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul, Turkey, served as a capital for both the byzantine and the Ottoman empires, and has the landmarks to prove it. Mosques, cathedrals, ramparts, museums and it is a veritable haven for the cultural tourist. Sitting literally between two worlds, on the Bosphorus, linking Asia and Europe and what both worlds have to offer.

Although recent events have put in questions its stability and sexurity, the city remains a hub for tourism.

Istanbul, Turkey gets 9.24 million international visitors.

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