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The most visited European cities: Berlin, Munich and Madrid.

In this series of summaries we will bring you 13 of Europe's most visited cities, these cities as demonstrated by the millions whom every year pack up and head for what they offer from heritage, architecture, art and entertainment. very beautiful cities that make anyone's vacation or trip memorable...

#13 - Berlin, Germany:

Berlin is among the most iconic cities in the world. There are destinations that capture you with their cozy charm, others that are rich in landmarks, or attractions and activities. Berlin is one of those destinations that stand out. Just the name itself, rings with history, recent, and way past. It resonates cultural richness. Roaming around the large city, with its endless possibilities for sightseeing, you walk with a feeling that you already know its corners, and streets and plazas. Yet, there is so much to Berlin, that you find yourself pleasantly surprised, and immersed. Berlin is not just a typical large metropolis. It is a fortress of European tradition, but also a unique center of its ever evolving modernity. Berlin, Germany attracts 5.1 million international visitors.

#12 - Munich, Germany:

Munich is large Bavarian city that is German in character, with Mediterranean-style street cafes, and a cosmopolitan vibes. This is especially apparent during Oktoberfest, where the southern German city welcomes millions with open arms. It is also a stop for visitors seeking the ski slopes of the Alps. The architecture preserves its historic charm, and there is no shortage of landmarks to see. The city is also one of, if not the beating heart of German industry, with many world giants headquartered in it. Munich, Germany sees 5.4 million international visitors.

#11 - Madrid , Spain:

The Spanish capital is serviced by one of the largest airports in Europe, Barajas, and has a great cultural and artistic heritage. It has one of the world's best museums, The Prado. the city boasts an excellent architecture, featured by the royal palace, which for centuries served as the center for the Spanish empire. The country's heritage is also shown in the city's enormous cathedrals and churches. Madrid has probably the largest number of bars per capita of any European city some of which show flamenco dancers. And though it maintains a historic look, It is also equipped with an excellent modern infrastructure. It also has excellent restaurants that feature tasty Spanish cuisine.

Madrid, Spain is visited by some 5.5 million international visitors.

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