The best ice and snow hotels

October 23, 2018

Some travelers embrace the cold icy winters in all its frigid glory. In fact, in many places around the world, ice hotels are a welcome eccentricity that patrons more than welcome and go out of their way to experience. here are some of the worlds most interesting ice and snow hotels.


The Hoshino Resort Tomamu in Hokkaido, Japan:


The Hoshino Resort Tomamu in the town of Shimukappu, japan, is a winter wonderland. the resort is a conglomeration of Igloos with an ice rink  nearby for patrons to skate on. Everything at the hotel is icy, frozen and cold, so to sleep inside one of these rare accommodations, since the rooms are only available for a short span of the winter, patrons have to use sleeping bag, one of a few things that are not made of ice.


Kirkenes Snowhotel in Sor Varanger, Norway:


The Kirkenes Snowhotel in Sor Varanger, in Norway, right on the country's border with Russia is probably one of the fanciest snow-hotels if their is such a thing. In this hotel ice sculpting is treated like an art, sculptures from far flung places, such as china frequent the area to assist in remaking the hotel each year.And the results are stunning to say the least.

Although the snow hotel in Kirkenes is a favorite, Scandinavia is home to some of the earliest ice hotels, and some of the most unique, as in Kiruna, Jukkasjarvi Sweden, Or Kittillä Finland...


Hôtel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada:


In Quebec City, one of Canada's largest french speaking cities, you get to not only experience the local culture, but also a real winter wonderland at the Hôtel de Glace. Every year this hotel opens is a very big deal. It is an event complete with fireworks, a heavy media presence, with TV shows and the likes being filmed on site, making for a lively cozy icy spectacle.




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