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Best places to visit while in Asia


The British founded this trading colony in 1819, as the hub for sea commerce it has since blossomed into a very prosperous state. It's reputation for trade as one of the worlds financial hubs is still strong, and it has a very busy port, possibly the busiest. The small island, although densely populated, is full of parks and reserves, and has one of the most beautiful metropolitan centers in the world, with a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences. Apart from the nature and reserves, the parks and gardens, Singapore has some nice beaches and offers a multifaceted array of world cuisines, Chinese, Indian, Arab, south east Asian, not to mention some of the best seafood. Singapore city is city boy's haven, very vibrant and full of activity, although it is very expensive in many ways.


Bali is no stranger to vacationers, for a long time it's enchanting landscapes of rugged coastline, sun-soaked beaches and terraced hills has attracted millions to its shores. It is known by many as Island of the Gods or Paradise On Earth, for a good reason. Its beaches offer world-class surfing and diving, cultural, archaeological and historical landmarks are in no shortage, the people are hospitable and display a colorful visual culture, and the island has more than enough structures and accommodations to make all of it accessible to the visitor.

Hong Kong

With a history of Cantonese Chinese and British colonization, Hong Kong is both and neither. veritable mix of east and west, that makes for a rich experience. It is best suited for active people who like a fast walking pace, as the city is not known for rest areas or park benches.


The city has a large vibrant population and an almost chaotic atmosphere. With magnificent historic temples, canals, palaces, markets and a vibrant nightlife that is almost non stop, and even a red light district. Every kind of visitor has a chance to find something they like. There is a concentration of old temples in the old city each beautiful and unique. A the food is world famous and very tasty, with street vendors scattered everywhere, offering very affordable delicacies.


While still in Thailand, you might want to check out Phuket. nestled on the Andaman sea facing the Indian ocean, and has some very beautiful beaches with calm waters and a party atmosphere, although some are overly visited by tourists. water sports activities are in abundance, swimming, diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing , yachting,and sailing in the jade colored waters is very enchanting, making Phuket a paradise destination the world over.

And the continent holds so many other gems:

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