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The Greek archipelago, Mediterranean fun in the sun.

One of western societies cradles. Greece, with its isles, seas and mountains, has influenced the world with science, philosophy, arts, architecture, and sports...Our modern societies are shaped in so many aspects after Greece. Theater, the alphabet, ideals and the scientific method, democracy, and the Olympics we all owe to the Greeks and their homeland. The country is bustling with tourists, enjoying the sun-soaked picturesque islands.

Athens :

As you get close to the city, it captures your imagination as soon as you see the acropolis citing up high on the hill, The Acropolis, with marble columns, and temples dedicated to the cities patron goddess, Athena. Looking down on the city with its port still standing for ages, and the strawl friendly historic district of Thissio, Plaka. the city is also a busy bustling metropolis, but there is no shortage of things to see, ruins of old markets temples, houses etc...But also museums that tell the story the Hellenes.

Thessaloniki :

Considered Greece's cultural and party capital, for its festivals, events and lively cultural life. The city has a rich cultural mix of many ancient civilizations, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. The many museums the city has offer a glimpse into its diverse history. The Byzantine walls show how the city once defended itself against invaders. It also has a long beachfront walk.

Heraklion :

On the island of Crete, where the Minoan civilization developed and flourished for along time before the rise of Greece. You can see the Palace of Knossos, which is believed to have been the palace of king Minos, and the myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur. The city sits in the center of the island and offers great access to all the different towns and beaches scattered around.

Mykonos :

One of the country's most prized and priciest places to visit. famous for its beaches and sun, and its picturesque scenery, which makes it very popular with honeymooners and cruisers. You can go swimming, scuba diving, or just plainly enjoy the sun.

Santorini :

This Sun soaked haven on the Mediterranean offers vacationers fantastic views from the hillside, teaming with miniature swimming pools and spas, the food is infused with Mediterranean flavors, the weather is enchanting. It is no wonder that scores of people chose to honeymoon on the island, and keep coming back.

Many other spots are prime vacation destinations such as Delphi, with its famous temple, and its cliff-side homes, and of course the ancient Athenian rival of Sparta.

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