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Bali, Island of the Gods

Bali is no stranger to vacationers, for a long time it's enchanting landscapes of rugged coastline, sun-soaked beaches and terraced hills has attracted millions to its shores. It is known by many as Island of the Gods or Paradise On Earth, for a good reason. Its beaches offer world-class surfing and diving, cultural, archaeological and historical landmarks are in no shortage, the people are hospitable and display a colorful visual culture, and the island has more than enough structures and accommodations to make all of it accessible to the visitor.


Will most likely be the point of contact for any visitor to Bali. Although it gives a busy vibe it is a nice place to explore, a lot of traditional temples with the possibility to witness a religious ceremony, sometimes on the beach.

Temple in Ubud Bali

Ubud :

A collection of villages, with many temples and traditional shops where artisans make beautiful statues and artifacts. Ubud is very noticeably full of history which can be seen everywhere. There is plenty to do here, rafting, biking through the forest, sampling the local specialties, and trekking through the monkey forest...

Padang Bai:

It is a small fishing village on the way to Lombok, with a chance to see the traditional colorful boats, not to mention some great underrated opportunities for good diving and snorkeling and sampling fresh local fish.


Seminyak is a laid back quiet town with secluded beaches upscale beach resorts and villas and restaurants. This is more for the patron with relaxation in mind, aiming to enjoy spas massages, and possibly horseback rides on the beach.

There are many other places that you will certainly see while hopping from spot to spot. The surf magnet of Kuta, Jimbaran with its wonderful beaches and tasty seafood, and the family ambiance of Sanur and more and more.

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