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Less popular destinations that are absolutely delightful part 2


Sitting on a backdrop of waterways and greenery , Vancouver is a a beautiful diverse city, perched between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, and opening its arms to the south towards the American continent. Vancouver is a city that has something for everyone. Frequently dubbed one of the "best cities to live in" - maybe more repeatedly than any other city - for a good reason. Whatever you enjoy doing in life, chances are Vancouver offers it. Not only that, but maybe as well or better than anywhere else in the world. Take food, or cuisine, for example; Vancouver has pretty much any flavor, taste or cuisine you would want, thanks to the diversity of it's people. If you are a nature and outdoors enthusiast, Vancouver has what your looking for. The wildlife and marine biodiversity is breathtaking. The city also teams with joggers, walkers, skaters, and rollerbladers, and more, enjoying the lush green scenery that is a constant theme in every corner, and taking advantage of the mildest climate in Canada, mild enough to grow palm trees. Vancouver also holds many concerts and other cultural events, and the nightlife rivals the best out there. The city is a beautiful, lively one with a clean green feel, mild in weather but definitely not in spirit.


The tiny European city state ( although it has many cities), located in the heart of western Europe bordering, France, and Germany, and Belgium. Has a successful financial sector that attracts the rich and famous, and a robust variety of industries, judging by the size. But don't let the size fool you, the natural beauty and scenery is absolutely breathtaking and rivals any other. The architecture borders on romantically picturesque with many gorgeous historic monuments including the town fortifications, the Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame, and not the forget the Grand Ducal Palace. Apart from the city of Luxembourg itself, there are many small romantic villages, and burgs. One could easily think they are in the Swiss countryside, France, or Germany, as Luxembourg is rich with a mix and match of its more popular larger sister countries.

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