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Top world's museums that hold the world's most iconic treasures. part 2

The Prado:

Celebrating its bicentenary, this world renown museum holds one of the most comprehensive collections of Spanish and European paintings dating back to the 11th century. It is also home to world famous pieces by artists such as Goya ,Titian, Velázquez, , Bosch, El Greco, Van Dyck not to mention Rembrandt. It was extended and improved in 2007, making it is very accessible and easy to navigate. It was originally designed to be a fine arts museum, yet it holds some very precious pieces ranging from coins, medals, and clothing etc.

Cairo museum:

Commonly known as The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, is naturally the seat of the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian history. It is a must stop for lovers of ancient Egypt both professional and amateur. The museum is full of Enormous statues, sarcophagi, and items from the burial chambers of some of Egypt's most famous Pharaohs. Many artifacts, busts, and figurines featuring Khafre, Khufu, Psusennes I, Akhenaten, Menkaure, and Tutankhamun...The museum is a really excellent complement to all the other sites scattered around the upper and lower Egypt, that are still very prime sites for tourists...The gardens surrounding the museum building hols memorials for great egyptologists.

Museum island Berlin:

This is an island on the river Spree with not one, but five museums conveniently clumped together in the heart of the city. The Pergamon Museum holds reconstructed historical buildings, the Bode-Museum is mostly known for sculpture collections and Byzantine art. The New Museum is dedicated to the history of construction and technology among other things. The Old National Gallery and not to forget the Old Museum, the first of the bunch to be built on the island and still true to its 19th century roots, and has a rich collection of classical antiquities.

See more wonderful artifacts:

Woman enjoying paintings at the Louvre museum

Trondheim in Norway

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