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Ireland, secrets of the Emerald Isle.

To many in America, a visit to the land called Ireland offers a deep ancestral connection. To the many millions of vacation goers that make the trip, it is a dive into a rich cultural heritage spanning over millennia, and glorious sometimes turbulent past. From the glacial neolithic times, to the Celtic era, through the viking and Norman invasions, to the occupation and the separation. Ireland today is a testament to its people's indomitable spirit. A land full of fascinating sights and landmarks. A vacationers haven. This short summary will cover sights in the whole Island.


One possible first stop is the city of Dublin. The largest on the island and home to some stunning cozy architecture and awesome pubs. It is one of the most visited European capitals with over 5.5 million visitors a year. Some of its main attractions include Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, St Patrick's Cathedral ( the largest in Ireland.) And Dublinia & the Viking World heritage center. Visitors find it useful to explore the city on foot or by bike, the transport system is also very good and one can get a leap card valid for different modes...Dublin's top attractions are very busy during the summer- the peak season- and it is advised to get to your sights early.


Second largest city on the island and capital of northern Ireland is easy to explore on foot, starting from Donegall Square. This city is home to the ship building hard that, among many ships, built the Titanic, which you can explore on a boat tour...The grand opera house features one of the most stark displays of Georgian architecture in the UK. Recently, the city has gained some extra notoriety as a launch point for Game Of Thrones sightseeing enthusiast, as Northern Ireland has more of its filming locations than anywhere else in the world.


Cork is very accessible with its small city center. One can walk easily to any desired point. as attractions, eating places, pubs and activities are all within reach on foot, and it actually is part of the charm of Cork. Cork Vision Centre, St. Fin barre's Cathedral, Opera Lane and City Shopping are among things to see and do...


This is one of the oldest tourist destinations on the island, and has been welcoming tourists for a long time, its distinctive 19th century style architecture. The pretty window planters, the vintage store signs the narrow alleys hiding surprises on every corner are only part of its cozy charm. Muckross Abbey, Ross Castle a medieval tower, and Torc Waterfall in Killarney National Park are among its main attractions...


Also known as the Marble City , is a town with a medieval accent. This is where many Irish go to escape the week. It is a city with nice pubs and a vibrant nightlife. Black Abbey, Kilkenny 'Slips', Kilkenny Castle and Gardens are among things to see.

For more spots to see on this beautiful island you can check out Galway and the Arran Islands, Waterford with its ancient history, Bangor, and the north coast of Northern Ireland which has some of the best scenery in Europe.

NB: Enjoy all the comforts and sights the Island has to offer and the courtesy of its people as a whole, and be respectful of peoples's political and religious sensibilities, do not take sides or engage in political discussions...

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