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Most visited cities in North America: Toronto, Canada

Introduction: ( skip if already read)

The most visited cities in North America promise to satisfy your curiosity entertain your sense of history and fulfill the adventurer in you. some of these cities are household names but others you didn't think would feature on the list. A common theme among these cities is no shortage of landmarks, museums, monuments, parks activities, and depending on your taste, each and every one could easily be the place for the a vacation you hoped for.

One thing that was surprising, however looking at the numbers, is that these are not in the top 10 worldwide. still they attract a very healthy number of visitors every year, whom depart having experienced a wonderful time.

Let's find out in this list of summaries, which cities see the most visitors ( International,) and discover a little bit more bout each of these destinations.

# 4- Toronto, Canada :

Toronto is made up of what constitutes six cities, the metropolitan area is home to some 6.2 million people, and it is, of any other Canadian city compared to New York. This city is and has been, the Canadian choice destination for immigrants, a fact that can be seen in its multicultural neighborhoods, Chinatown, Little India, The Danforth (Greek,) Koreatown, and Little Italy/Portugal Village.

Toronto's most famous landmark is probably the CN Tower, but the city has so many museums that are interesting, such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, Ontario Science Centre, Royal Ontario Museum, Bata Shoe Museum, which is dedicated to, you guessed it, shoes and footwear.

Visitors can walk through the city and enjoy it. There is about every type of restaurant you can think of, you can participate in a food tour and sample the cities multicultural culinary pallet.

Toronto has a beach front on lake Ontario, it is not, by no means comparable to your tropical beach, but is worth checking out.

Public transit is clean and covers almost everywhere, although it is crowded at times.

Toronto, Canada is # 4 on the list of most visited cities in North america with some 5.3 million international visitors.

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