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World landmarks with a hair-raising experience for visitors

Across the world,are some hair raising tourist attractions, that are oddly enough, visited by millions every year fr that same reason, in this series we will cover a few of these landmarks and what makes them both spooky, and a magnet for visitors.

Huashan National Park, Shanxi Province in China:

The Shanxi Province in China, home the the Huashan National Park, was known for its captivating peak top monasteries, but recent years have seen it become the center for a new trail hiking craze...Thousands flock to it each year, especially in the summer months, to challenge their stamina on the various trails, and enjoy the breathtaking views that the spectacular cliff faces offer. With steps and passes carved directly into the rock, It is not for the faint of heart, although it does not require much rock climbing experience, the crowd sizes can be detrimental or even dangerous. Harnesses are a requirement in various parts of the trails. Looking down can be stomach churning. The sight of lines of people on the cliff side one man abreast, on top of wooden scaffolds fastened to the rock face, with nothing but a harness for back up, gets the heart pumping.

That is why without a doubt, Huashan trails feel like the "Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the World"

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