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Winter destinations: Lillehammer Norway

You might have heard of Lillehammer, Norway as host of the 1994 winter Olympics, or maybe you have heard of it from a Netflix series. You should know, This small Norwegian town on the shores of Lake Mjøsa has some of the world's most extensive country skiing trails. More than 1400 miles worth.

Norway, land of lakes Fjords, a beautiful winter wonderland

The town is one of the oldest in the country, if not the oldest with a tradition of country skiing. But with all the effort that went into hosting the Olympic games, it made the town a world class spot for skiing, with facilities and infrastructure to challenge any in the world. This includes but not limited to ski slopes, bob, luge tracks, and more.

Lillehammer has many slopes

Winter sports are not the only thing to enjoy while in Lillehammer. Restaurants are in no shortage, and are very affordable, with some of the country's fresh sea bounty on the menu.

The climate is obviously very cold in the winter, but allows you to see the natural beauty of the area under a different lens.

Adult male red deer observed in the woods, Norway

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