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Save Money with Off Season Travel

When it comes to being able to travel and see the world, it’s important that you set a budget and stay within the scope of your estimated costs.

Traveling without a budget in place can lead to financial disaster. At the same time, you want to make sure you leave some elbow room for those unexpected costs or the occasional splurge!

empty beach in Cyprus during the off season
Empty beach in Cyprus, Ayia Napa, during the off season

One easy way to stay within budget is to plan every aspect of your trip while learning from the travel experts who know how to tighten those purse strings and get more out of every trip, for less.

Here are a few tips to get your travel hustle on so you can save a ton of money without taking away from your experience: Timing is Everything You can save a ton of money when traveling just by timing your trip correctly. Certain times of year are always going to be more affordable as they’re deemed “off-season”. This is especially true for tropical hot-spots or beach vacations. While you don’t want to lose out on enjoying the key areas of a location simply because you visit in the off-season, timing your trip so that it aligns with the final days of off-season can help you save a tremendous amount of money as hotels will be significantly more affordable. As popular travel expert, Tausha Cowan has said, “If you want to travel to a certain place, be flexible about the timing. If you want to travel at a certain time, be flexible about the location. Choose one - not both.” Off season is the time of year where there is less tourism, which means hotels and even restaurants will offer special time-limited deals to garner business and encourage activity. But saving money isn’t the only reason to consider traveling during the off-season. Because of the decrease in tourism, you’ll find lots of deals on local activities with less line-up’s and crowds, even at the local hot-spots.

Oftentimes, low season begins around October and ends in late April or late May, depending on location. For example, in Southeast Asia, off season typically runs from March to October and in Mexico, off season (or low-season) runs from May to mid-December.

Save on Everything

As mentioned, in off or low season months, you’ll find great bargains and special discounts on hotels and restaurants but that also applies to flights! One thing to keep in mind is that with airlines, what qualifies as low season will vary. Some airlines will offer lower-priced flights based around seasons while others on destination or even school schedules when airlines know that families will start looking to go on vacation.

And finally, traveling during off season will open up new opportunities because you won’t be disappointed by tickets to local attractions quickly selling out like you would during peak season. That means you’ll have the flexibility of changing your schedule and itinerary as you choose.


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