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South America's best places.

South America is a land of many landscapes, beautiful scenery, and a diversity of cultures that goes back to the illustrious empires that shaped the continent. Every year millions pack up and head for this fascinating part of the new world. here are some of the top places to consider for those looking for South American suggestions.

Galápagos Islands :

The archipelago of volcanic islands, came into prominence with Darwin's publication of his theories, based on notes he took while observing wildlife on the islands. With some 120 islands, about 600 miles away from the South American mainland. The islands have a for a long time been isolated and had seen little to no human disruption, and are still teaming with beautiful scenery, fauna and marine diversity such as Giant tortoises, sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas and different bird species. There are a lot of opportunities for day hikes, some on "active volcanoes." The islands are a chance to get familiar with Darwin's work, especially at the research station named after him. They are however far away and will for the most part take a considerable budget for anyone contemplating the trip.

Machu Picchu :

Above the Sacred Valley, which in turn is a prime tourist spot, is believed to have been built as an estate for the Inca emperor Pachacuti, it is a spectacular sets of ruins and one of the most iconic image of Inca civilization. It has been somewhat reconstructed to showcase it to tourists. it is a very picturesque example of Inca style building, it is located about 8000 ft high up on the Andes. On your way there, as is common with most travelers, stop in and enjoy what the capital Lima has to offer. check out the old city center or " the city of kings," and don't forget to sample the local cuisine.


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