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The Spanish experience, cultures, beaches, and fun in a rich glamorous mix.

Known for its laid back pace of life Spain is a prime vacation destination especially for northern Europeans seeking a warmer climate. It has great beaches, a fun nightlife, many historic cities and cultural regions and a pallet of fine cuisines. The cultural and regional diversity makes it an exotic destination.

Barcelona :

Is the prime destination in Spain with modernist architecture, vibrant cultural life, nightclubs, and beaches, markets and restaurants. The city has a rich history and is the seat of Catalonian culture. It is also known for sun and relaxation. The city has Roman, medieval, and modern architectures, with some masterpieces by famed artist Gaudi. This provides for some real visual pleasures especially on foot. The city has 9 beaches most of which are excellent. It gets really busy during August, which makes for a vibrant nightlife but can also be a challenge.

Madrid :

The Spanish capital is serviced by one of the largest airports in Europe, Barajas, and has a great cultural and artistic heritage. It has one of the world's best museums, The Prado. the city boasts an excellent architecture, featured by the royal palace, which for centuries served as the center for the Spanish empire. The country's heritage is also shown in the city's enormous cathedrals and churches. Madrid has probably the largest number of bars per capita of any European city some of which show flamenco dancers. And though it maintains a historic look, It is also equipped with an excellent modern infrastructure. It also has excellent restaurants that feature tasty Spanish cuisine.

Valencia :

It is the third largest city in Spain . Located on the Mediterranean Sea and has a very nice beaches. The city is the birthplace of paella which dates back to the 18 hundreds. About 24 miles away is the small town of Bunol where the event of La Tomatina, a tomato throwing celebration that takes place the last Wednesday of every August.

Seville :

Seville has been for centuries an important maritime center. The city is the artistic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain. The cathedral of Seville is impressive to see, the Jewish quarter of the city offers a maze of streets to walk through. The Flamenco Museum in Seville is a chance to enjoy and be educated on the genre.

Granada :

provincial capital of Andalucia region, this was the last region of Spain under Moorish control . hence the spectacular Moorish architecture. You can also still see vestiges of Roman architecture. this unique mix of cultures gives the city a special vibe and attracts visitors wanting to see the many monuments it has, including the Alhambra palace and the Cathedral of Granada...

There are alot of other destinations in Spain that will make your stay unforgettable, and are of world renown, such as the Costa Blanca, the Canary Islands, Ibiza, and the Costa Del Sol.

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