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10 iconic drinks and where they are made best...

These iconic drinks hail from different parts of the world where creative bartender mixed them up for the pleasure and enjoyment of patrons for decades, if you happen to be somewhere on the other side of the world make sure you compare and enjoy the local flavor.

Cosmopolitan drink recipe

Believed to be a New York City creation, although it is unsure who originated it, many people in a few American cities claim that honor. In all, America is where you can get some of the most authentic variations of the drink, although it is popular almost everywhere in the world.

Dirty martini recipe

Goes back to the 1920 s, the name stemming for the cloudy appearance of the olive brine.



New York

Los Angeles,

Las Vegas, etc

Margarita recipe

Mexico holds the most authentic tasting places to have a margarita, especially with all the tequila brands and variations that the country is home to.


Mexico City,



Mojito recipe

The combination of sweetness, citrus, and mint flavors complements the rum in a savory drink.

In Cuba, where the drink originated from, spearmint or yerba buena is used.


Cuba, Havana,


Screw driver cocktail recipe

There are many more variations from the original orange juice and vodka, but are named different names in many parts of the world. "Harvey Wallbanger", "Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall", "Sonic Screwdriver".

PIna colada recipe

Variations from the original rum pineapple juice and coconut cream or milk pina colada, include: amaretto colada, Lava Flow, chi chi, and Staten Island Ferry...

It is practically the national drink of Puerto Rico.

Long island Iced tea recipe

The iced tea looking mix of alcohol bases bears its origin in its name, you can find it in about every where where drinks are served.

Whiskey sour recipe

Sometimes called Boston sour or new York sour, the drink has a few variants that depend on the type of whiskey used or the sweetener (usually sugar or grenadine syrup).

Kamikaze cocktail recipe

The drink has about a dozen variants...

This tequila based drink hails from Arizona, where it was created and served at the Biltmore hotel. The drink now has more than a dozen variations

Tequila sunrise recipe

Check out more iconic cocktails :

Vienna sausages

Vienna coach carriage

Trondheim Norway

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