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Prague: The charming heart of Bohemia

For centuries, Prague has served an important role in the region of Bohemia and central Europe, Centuries that saw many trials and turbulations, and polished the city into the concoction that it is now. The medieval style buildings and landmarks make its city center a rich stop for sightseeing, and qualified it for World heritage status. And since the end of the cold war, Prague has been one of a very few central European cities to feature on people must see destination, and became a very attractive popular destination for millions.

A walk on the cities cobbled alleyways, takes you on a rich tour of ancient churches and cathedrals with beautiful gold laces domes. The colors of the streets, the many old bridges on the Vltava River, create picturesque tableaus especially in the evenings. Across the river from the old town, taking the 14th century Charle's Bridge, one of the cities most beautiful landmark bridges, and in the Malá strana, or the lesser town area, St. Nicholas Church is a feast for the eyes and an example of the rich historical architecture of the city. Lesser town is also home to the Holy Infant of Prague, one of the most iconic religious statues in the world. Not too far is another architectural jewel- The Prague Castle, which is the biggest ancient castle in the world.

Here and there and in between there are a multitude of churches , castles, and museums, such as the Military Museum, the Jewish Museum, and the Prague City Museum.

Prague is also a modern city with bars and restaurant to fulfill any taste, and a nightlife to rival any European city, not to mention the lively colors of the old streets and buildings under the lights.

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