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Stunning winter destinations that should be tourist magnets...

Stockholm, Sweden:

Stockholm, Sweden, would make for a delightful destination any other time of the year. For the purpose of this article, we'll cover the time of the year when the city is covered in a winter coat, yet still holds its Nordic charm. A chance to experience a different feel of life in northern Europe and a close sense of what it used to be. Last but not least, you get a very decent chance to see the northern lights. These are best witnessed in northern Scandinavia, but there is a very decent chance you might be able to see them while enjoying the winter comforts of the viking capital. To sweeten the deal, many airliners offer very enticing fare prices, the museums are for the most part state owned, and the prices, recently dropped, are very affordable. The cuisine is experiencing a revival, in line with the rest of Scandinavia. New Nordic cuisine for the last few years has been making headway. Local ingredients that utilize nature's bounty of local fishes and meats cured through traditional methods, such as dry aging, freezing and Nordic smoking. Add to that international techniques and influences, and the result is a pleasant culinary experience. Think ramen with cod fish and crab, sushi with dry aged reindeer and moss, or blood pudding and soups... It is however, not for the frail of heart, as it is more adventurous with readily available parts of the animals, and tends not to waste as much as possible of it...

Moreover, the city of Stockholm is absolutely beautiful and full of landmarks. It borders on romantic with its snow-lined shorelines, on its many waterways. A winter mix that will get you packing your bags in a hurry.

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