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Airline food, what you need to know.

By all accounts, airline food leaves something to be desired. With the continuous push to minimize cost by airlines, the average in flight food experience is a far cry from the old "glamour days." we have compiled together a few tips and things to keep in mind while flying, and what separates the meals you just eat out of necessity and the ones you actually enjoy...

The first thing to keep in mind, is the passengers condition and state of mind. You end up on an airplane's seat after running a labyrinth of security checks, customs, concourses and gates, peppered with wait time in spaces you don't really desire. Then limp in through the isles with your carry on and cramp it above your head, hoping it will not come out and fall on your head or that of a fellow passenger. On top of that, you are 7 miles up in the air traveling at a a mind blowing speed traversing hundreds or thousands of miles, inside a 1 mm flying aluminum tube while seated. A veritable glorious feat of technology and human ingenuity personified.

For those with trips or airlines offering in flight meals that are a little more than a bag of nuts and a sip of some drink or just plain water, sometimes for an extra fee. All that effort that went into placing you in that seat you are in, works against your taste buds. That's right, food scientists say, the main reason for you not enjoying your flight food to the fullest is because your state of exhaustion and the constant noise drop your sense of taste. That is why airliners serving foods reflecting a more spicier culinary tradition are usually voted higher.

That leads me to my second point. Airliners do matter, especially if you, like millions of people, fly economy, and you are not shielded against sub-par culinary choices, by the privileges of business or first class. Certain airliners are better than others at catering to passengers with more complete tastier meals especially on longer trips. Airliners with a reputation for better in flight meals includes: United, Delta, KLM, Air France, British Airways, Virgin, Turkish Airlines, and Lufthansa... These companies invest in efforts to develop more complete and better tasting meals for their passengers. That is not to say that other smaller airliners are worse, many others offer surprisingly pleasing choices.

Another thing to remember is that many budget carriers, especially in Europe, charge an extra fee for a snack or a drink of water, and currency matters. If you happen not to have Euros handy, they can swipe your card as long as it is equipped with a chip. Some short haul airlines do not offer any meals...

The remedy, we advice, is to walk around find something to your liking, after going through security. or if you have special needs, bring some food with you. bear in mind it has to clear security so it has to be packed accordingly.

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