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Bali vs Phuket review, which of the two destinations is more suited for your taste?

A comparative review of Bali vs Phuket:

Bali is no stranger to vacationers, it has all the traditional attributes of a sunny tropical getaway. For a long time its enchanting landscapes of rugged coastline, sun-soaked beaches and terrassed hills have attracted millions to its shores. It is known by many as Island of the Gods or Paradise On Earth, arguably, for a good reason. Its beaches offer world-class surfing and diving, although many prefer the beaches of other destinations in the area. The culture is interesting and a definite selling point. Archaeological and historical landmarks are in no shortage, the people are hospitable and display a colorful visual culture, and the island has more than enough infrastructure and accommodations to make all of it accessible to the visitor. Except in rare cases of natural calamities, latest case, many tourists found themselves stranded during a volcano eruption...

Comparing Bali vs Phuket in terms of beaches, Phuket has the better beaches, by virtue of being nestled on the Andaman sea facing the Indian ocean, with calm waters . However, it is not an exception in Thailand, which has some very beautiful beaches all over, and some vacationers are starting to opt for other spots in the country. Especially since Phuket is small, and is a popular destination, overly visited by tourists, which makes it pricey, pricier than Bali, mind you. The culture is different than that of the larger Bali, but still interesting to the average vacationing westerner. The food is no mystery. Thai food has gained more notoriety internationally and more people know what to expect and pick and chose their Thai favorite dishes.

In summary, if you want the tropical beach paradise with a party atmosphere, and the water sport activities etc... Then Phuket is a better choice, although crowded and pricier. It also offers a chance to see other places such as Bangkok...

If, however, you want a little cultural twist with your vacation, with better sightseeing, less crowds and more reasonable prices when shopping or eating out, then your choice should be Bali, the island of the gods. And these are some of the main things to keep in mind when choosing between Bali vs Phuket.

To some comparing Bali vs Phuket is like comparing apples and oranges. To many others, it is a hard decision, especially if you are on a budget, and can only afford one of the other. Hopefully this short comparative review will be of some guidance.

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