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The most amazing religious places around the world: Europe

Europe and its long standing history of religious strife, triumph, and reformation, is home to some world renown centers of religion, and worship. Landmarks of different architectural styles pepper the European landscape and show the extent to which kings, nobles, states, and religious leaders went, to beautify places of worship in the European continent. These religious places continue to tell a story, and are a witness to a bygone history...

We will look at some of Europe's most beautiful religious places, cathedrals and places of worship.

The Italian cathedrals:

Italy or parts of it, have for centuries served as a religious center for millions across Europe, and has some of Christianity's most beautiful religious buildings

Cathedral of Rome:

Rome cathedral absolutely stunning motifs

Beautiful angle showing the Arch-basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome, The baroque and cosmatesque style is absolutely stunning.

The Arch-basilica of St. John is technically the seat of the Bishop of Rome, or the Pope.

Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral, with crowds up front

You have heard of St Peter's Basilica, and the impressive Vatican repertoire of art. This cathedral in this beautiful cradle of the renaissance Florence is a looming presence in the city and a must see for visitors to this beautiful Italian destination, it is even more impressive standing next to it among the crowds.

Cathedral of Milan

Cathedral of Milan

You might not realize, Milan is the most visited city in Italy, even ahead of Rome. This fashion and style powerhouse might not possess as much historic bragging rights, but continues to lure visitors in droves. The cathedral of Milan reminds you more of the french style cathedrals, but is an imposing edifice in Milan. and is visited every year by Italians and foreigners alike.

Venice Basilica on a rainy day

Venice basilica on a rainy day, still romantic

The romantic city is not necessarily a religious center but has some beautiful places of worship. Venice basilica up top.

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