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Less popular destinations that are absolutely delightful: Trondheim


Trondheim is the epitome of Norway's small town. Its picturesque buildings and waterways and the Scandinavian outdoors. This is not a large town and it is not your typical tourist destination yet there is surprising amount of things to see that would take you on a tip with the uniqueness. The architecture is simple but beautiful, the Nidaros cathedralalso known as Nidarosdomen, is an example, Gothic in appearance, yet uniquely Norwegian, and surprisingly the biggest church in that part of northern Europe, not to mention the old town bridge, and the kings local residence at Stiftsgaarden. Also worth seeing, and actually hard to miss the waterfront, in the old town hardbor. You will find it hard deciding the best location to view it and snap photos as this is a nice unique feature of the city...

Art is a re-occurring feature here, with art pieces featured in parts, kindergartens, hospitals schools and other public spaces. The town also offers lots of concerts, plays, festivals. The visitor can also sample tasty organic foods. The food producers in Trøndelag are prolific, producing many varieties of local food, and making the region Norway’s leading food region, and Trondheim its food City. The city has so many cycling paths, trails for hiking and maybe skiing in the winter, waterways for kayaking... Whatever you chose to do in Trondheim it feels laid back, stress free and actually pretty fun. It is an experience of modern yet traditional Scandinavia untarnished by the big city feel...

During the school year, the city is home to some 25 thousand students that frequent the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and can give the visitor the feel of a college town. But their imprint is hardly felt on what makes the city stand out. As it preserves is laid back and cozy feel.

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