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Most visited cities in north America: Miami, USA.

Introduction: ( skip if already read)

The most visited cities in North America promise to satisfy your curiosity entertain your sense of history and fulfill the adventurer in you. some of these cities are household names but others you didn't think would feature on the list. A common theme among these cities is no shortage of landmarks, museums, monuments, parks activities, and depending on your taste, each and every one could easily be the place for the a vacation you hoped for.

One thing that was surprising, however looking at the numbers, is that these are not in the top 10 worldwide. still they attract a very healthy number of visitors every year, whom depart having experienced a wonderful time.

Let's find out in this list of summaries, which cities see the most visitors ( International,) and discover a little bit more bout each of these destinations.

# 2- Miami, USA :

Miami is an american city with a Latin flavor. The city has one of, if not, the largest Latin population outside of Latin America. It is also home to a lot of retirees, as is Florida as a whole.

Besides that, Miami is of course prized for its long stretches of beautiful beach front, and its climate. Miami Beach is on a barrier reef across Biscayne Bay.

The food scene in Miami is delicious and innovative, New World cuisine also called Florribean or Nuevo Latino cuisine marries fresh local ingredients, Caribbean and Latin American traditional techniques and European techniques for a tasty mix.

Miami has a vibrant night life, with nightclubs, sports-bars, and hotel clubs, that are for the most part trendy and busy, and getting into some clubs is a chore by itself, unless your hotel concierge can make something happen and get you on the guest list, especially if you are unaccompanied male...

Florida has some very world famous theme parks and visitors to Miami usually checked them out in the nearby cities.

Miami is also a launch pad for cruise liners to the Caribbean.

For all these reasons Miami attracts 6 million international visitors.

Miami, USA, waterfront - Beach

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