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The most visited European cities: Dublin, Prague and Vienna.


In this series of summaries we will bring you 13 of Europe's most visited cities, these cities as demonstrated by the millions whom every year pack up and head for what they offer from heritage, architecture, art and entertainment. very beautiful cities that make anyone's vacation or trip memorable...

#10 - Dublin, Ireland:

The largest city on Ireland and home to some stunning cozy architecture and awesome pubs. It is one of the most visited European capitals. Some of its main attractions include Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, St Patrick's Cathedral ( the largest in Ireland.) And Dublinia & the Viking World heritage center. Visitors find it useful to explore the city on foot or by bike, the transport system is also very good and one can get a leap card valid for different modes...Dublin's top attractions are very busy during the summer- the peak season- and it is advised to get to your sights early. Dublin, Ireland gets 5.59 million international visitors.

#9 - Prague, Czech Republic:

For centuries, Prague has served an important role in the region of Bohemia and central Europe, Centuries that saw many trials and turbulations, and polished the city into the concoction that it is now. The medieval style buildings and landmarks make its city center a rich stop for sightseeing, and qualified it for World heritage status. And since the end of the cold war, Prague has been one of a very few central European cities to feature on people must see destination, and became a very attractive popular destination for millions. More precisely, some 6.4 million international visitors.

#8 - Vienna, Austria:

Austria's cultural, economic, and political center. Its history is very illustrious and its heritage ranges over music, architecture, and arts. The once imperial capital enchants you with with beautiful streets and landmarks full of history, so many landmarks that its historic center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage.

The laid back Austrian capital on the Danube river, can be explored on foot or if you prefer by bicycle, but one way of getting an intimate look is on a carriage cab, on the circular road that surrounds the old town. While walking you can check out one of the many coffee houses that line the streets or one of the wine taverns. That is not to say that the city lacks in upscale restaurants and cafes, as there are more than enough of these to satisfy all tastes.

That is why Vienna is emerging as one of the top European destinations with some 6.63 million international visitors.

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