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The most visited European cities: Paris.


In this series of summaries we will bring you 13 of Europe's most visited cities, these cities as demonstrated by the millions whom every year pack up and head for what they offer from heritage, architecture, art and entertainment. very beautiful cities that make anyone's vacation or trip memorable...

# 2- Paris, France:

Paris, France, The city of love, lights and what have you, is the quintessential first stop for almost anyone wanting to visit France. The city is full of attractions, almost all of which are world famous has everything. After experiencing, what in my opinion, a solid but sub-par airport ( Charles De Gaulle,) compared to some European cities. Paris has landmarks and sights to satisfy every taste. With a long rich history Paris has museums of every genre, including the Louvre, which houses some of the worlds most iconic pieces. The Eiffel Tower is a memorable stop, the Seine river with its artificial beach, great food and drinks, parks, cafes, clubs and more. The choices are many, but whatever you chose, you will more than likely not be disappointed. The food itself is quite an experience, meticulously prepared with ingredients made a la French. The breads, the pasties, and the drinks tickle your senses in distinctive way.

Not too far away is the The Palace of Versailles. The seat of power and gilded opulence for French kings since it was built by Louis XIV.

Since the horrible attacks that the beautiful city of lights suffered in early 2015, the city has bounced back strongly and welcomed millions of visitors since then with resilience and open arms both.

visitors flock to this beautiful destination from every corner in the world. Across Europe only one other city get more visitors. Paris France, sits in the second place with 16.1 million international visitors.

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