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Haunted spooky places around the world, The Tower Of London.

Around the world are places with a reputation for the unknown, mystically captivating, and invoke a feeling of spookiness and eariness, no other places excite into our brains. Some of these places have made it into popular art, and culture as a whole. You might recognize some of these spots from movies you enjoyed or paintings you saw, but some of them you have never heard of, nonetheless gained notoriety for all the wrong Spooky reasons.

The tower of London, London England:

This medieval fortress in the heart of London, goes back to the time when William The conqueror was consolidating power of his new conquered land. Over the Centuries it has been used s a fortress, barracks, an armory, a menagerie, a treasury, seat for the Royal Mint, public record, and the home of the Crown Jewels of England, and a prison. Many a political prisoner called it home before meeting a sordid end, or not. Including kinds and nobility.

Although many of the executions were held on the adjacent tower hill, Only 7 people were executed within the tower walls. The tower maintains a reputation for paranormal activity.

Among the ghosts said to roam its walls, the ghost of Ann Boleyn is supposedly said to walk around the White Tower carrying her head under her arm, other ghosts include Henry VI, Lady Jane Grey, Margaret Pole, and the Princes in the Tower.

Other apparitions including animals have been reported especially by night staff.

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