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Haunted spooky places around the world, Castle of good hope, South Africa

Around the world are places with a reputation for the unknown, mystically captivating, and invoke a feeling of spookiness and eariness, no other places excite into our brains. Some of these places have made it into popular art, and culture as a whole. You might recognize some of these spots from movies you enjoyed or paintings you saw, but some of them you have never heard of, nonetheless gained notoriety for all the wrong Spooky reasons.

Castle of good hope- Cape Town, South Africa:

The castle of good hope, South Africa's oldest colonial building is associated with some infamous haunted stories. Built by the Dutch East India Company to replenish ships heading for Indonesia, the castle served as a fortress, and a prison where many executions took place. One such occurrence that feeds haunting stories was that of a former governor, Pieter Gysbert van Noodt.

The latter sentenced to death, 7 soldiers who deserted service. It is said that one of them put a curse on him, and demanded he come to see the execution. The governor did not. He was found dead that same day with a look of terror, over his own desk. Sightings of a tall man jumping off the ramparts were reported early in the 20th century, with such apparitions happening for over two weeks in 1947.

Another apparition is that of the so called lady in grey, running and crying through the castle. not to mention the seal bell tower bell striking randomly.

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