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World landmarks with a hair-raising experience for visitors 5

Across the world, are some hair raising tourist attractions, that are oddly enough, visited by millions every year for that same reason, in this series we will cover a few of these landmarks and what makes them both spooky, and a magnet for visitors.

Death road, Bolivia

Pali Puka hiking trail, Oahu, Hawaii:

Hawaii is a haven for hikers, with many trails peppered all over the islands. The Pali Puka hiking trail, although short, is a refreshing Hawaii ridge hiking experience. during this short little hike you gain an elevation of around 300 feet while enjoying wonderful views of the surrounding peaks the valley below and the coastline not too far on the horizon. What makes this hiking trail thrilling to many and well worth the money spent, is the narrow walking path flanked by lush vegetation and spectacular views, which turns into very narrow ridges at times that send your heart pumping, looking down only aggravates the sense of danger. The short hike is very satisfying, you almost feel like starting over.

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Go Pro POV by Lanihuli

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