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France Vs Italy, which to see, making the hard choice, review

These two perennial mega travel destinations have a lot in common but much to differentiate each from the other. Choosing which to visit on a given year is a hard choice, here we will guide you through some of the subtle similarities and the very distinctive differences between these two delightful travel destinations.

Mont St Michel Monastery, France

France has always distinguished itself as a charming destination with so many things to do and see, Although it is pricier than your average destination. When thinking of visiting France one usually thinks of Paris. The quintessential first stop for almost anyone wanting to visit the country. The city is full of attractions, Indeed one or the other is good enough to make people pack their bags, so it is a treat that you get dozens of landmarks for the price...

Paris catacombs, France

Apart from your usual stops in the city, visitors are also intrigued by centuries old cemeteries, which offer a sordid although interesting trip through the last few hundreds of years presented in tombs of some prominent personalities. Even more creepy are the catacombs, and the thousands of skulls and bones stacked together in a revolting but captivating display. France was also one of Rome's prominent provinces, and hence has some of the best Roman ruins outside of Italy.

Southern France is well known for its pricey sun-soaked beach and boating destinations. The French alps, especially Chamonix ( Birth of Winter Olympics), remains the original winter destination. A common theme among all these is that they are not cheap destinations, and can be, depending on the time of the year, overrun with tourists. still the country maintains its charm, its wines are very popular, the traditional cheeses, the culinary arts etc. keep France on the short list for every traveler.

Colle Di Fuori, France

The namesake of the Roman empire, Italy is known for a long history visible with every monument, and landmark in every corner, that takes us back to a glorious past. And as one of two countries that saw the birth and nursing of western civilization. There is also an undeniable respect and adoration, worldwide, for its tasty cuisine, its trendy fashion industry, luxury sports cars and world class wine.

Pantheon, Rome

There is so much to see in Italy and no time to be bored. The Renaissance city of Florence with its bridges and palaces, and the dome, takes you back more than any city in Italy to the times of the great masters of art. The world famous canals of Venice, although the waters leave something to be desired. The fashion city of Milan, marrying tradition and modernity, More so than even the capital. The southern provinces, and their kept secret spots. And of course Rome, which has earned and still does, its nickname as the eternal city, It has endures as one of the centers that exported civilization across Europe and the world, and still bears the marks of that glorious past.

Italy has its expensive spots, but overall, France is more expensive to visit, unless you are willing to part with comfort and backpack through either, in which case it can be affordable either way. France has more of a continental weather, and can be cold for those not visiting during the warmer months.

Italy obviously has the milder weather and enjoys more sun, unless you are in the southern French provinces in which cases it is hard to tell the difference, if there were no yachts, and sailboats, and your bottled water did not cost the price of a whole case. Italy, although lengthy is also the smaller country which makes it easier to visit more of. France is larger, but has more choices and different regions to satisfy all tastes. In France, the cafes, restaurants, and nightlife are more lively thus more entertainment and fun at night.

Cinque Terre, Italy

To sum up, both countries have some world famous spots, that any traveler should definitely put on their bucket list, though some are crowded. The Louvre, the Eiffel tower and Venice come to mind. France is slightly more expensive, but is less boring, has more variety and better nightlife. Both countries have charming small gems to visit, but France has the better road coverage, hotels, and transportation. In some places especially in southern Italy it is hard to find parking if you rent a car...So the verdict is yours, in light of what we covered, and believe me we could go on and on. the decision is yours, take into consideration the time of the year, what the weather will be, what you are more likely to enjoy seeing, and make your informed decision. What we know, is that either way, it will be a fantastic trip if well planned.

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