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China is not only a country with large area, resources and the world largest population, It is the custodian of one of the worlds oldest civilization going back thousands years. it has not been through one, but many golden ages and low points, with monuments scattered everywhere as a reminder of a an unrivaled heritage. The country is experiencing an economic boom that has lasted for over a decade catapulting the nation into a a world power. China boasts a mix of dialects, landscapes, traditions, and delicious food. It is no wonder that the country that intrigued westerners for hundreds of years, still today, excites the curiosity of millions of travelers.

Beijing :

The mega metropolis is not just that, it is the country's capital, yes, but it is also its beating cultural heart. it is littered with landmarks dating back centuries if not millennia. Designed with concentric ring roads. Many historical sites can be found within "Ring Road Two." In Beijing, you can visit the world's largest public square in Tiananmen Square, Which in turn is surrounded by landmarks and museums. The forbidden city, home to the Imperial Court during the Ming and Qing Dynasties is close by. It is a marvel of engineering and architecture, a symbol of China and one of the most iconic landmarks in the country. Beijing has many temples including The Temple of Heaven, The Lama temple, and boasts over a 100 museums, including the National Museum.

Guangzhou :

Founded in 214 BC, and also called Canton, Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, after Shanghai and Beijing. This prosperous southern city, although not a first stop for the traveler seeking historical and cultural landmarks, is a mix of new and old. It almost reminds you of Tokyo, or Hong Kong. The city boasts the country's largest number of restaurants per capita, offering an array of authentic dishes. it also exhibits flashy Chinese new year celebrations.

Nanjing :

renowned historical and cultural city and served as the capital of several dynasties, its name means southern capital, in opposition to the northern capital, of Beijing. The city is full of historic landmarks.

Shanghai :

China's largest city, and a veritable economic powerhouse. Split in two by the Huangpu River, the city has a picturesque skyline. it is spectacular at night. the city attracts a lot of tourists. it also has houses that blend the styles of Chinese houses with European design. To the west is the city of Suzhou famed for its beautiful gardens and traditional waterside architecture a la Venice.

The vast country offers many destinations. The great wall is a must see, the city of Xi'an, china's oldest capital and home of the terracotta warriors. Tibet, offers a different feel with its heavily Buddhist culture. you can even visit Mt. Everest. The modernizing country has never lost its ties with its heritage, making the worlds oldest continuous civilization a truly enticing land of reconciled contradictions.

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