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India, the gems of a millennial civilization

The world's second populous nation has been on the crossroads of civilizations and cultures for millennia, It is home to a multitude of differences in geography, climate, culture, language and ethnicity. Many great empires came and went, and left their mark. Today, the worlds largest democracy has many of the world's enduring religious traditions of all creeds, a multi-layered religious and spiritual culture and a strong family system. The country is full of landmarks and things to see and is bustling with tourists at all times.

Delhi :

A very large metropolis with tons or landmarks to visit, it is a center for arts, entertainment, and no shortage of things to see. The sandstone red fort, built by Shah Jahan, who also built the iconic Taj Mahal, which you can find no too far away in Agra. The Akshardham Temple is impressive and is a stark display of Hindu spirituality and architecture. Humayun's Tomb, in the south of town, and the Qutub complex are prime spots.

Bangalore :

Bangalore called the "Garden City of India," although of recent, the city's development is eating away at the greenery and affecting the cities status as retiree paradise. It is now gaining a reputation as India's Silicon Valley for its growing IT industry. Places to visit include the Bangalore Palace, The Bull Temple, and the Ulsoor Lake and Sankey Tank.

Varanasi :

A sacred to Hindus and Jains both, and has been one of the oldest cities in the world to be continuously inhabited. Hindus believe Varanasi brings nirvana, and many of them travel to the city when they believe that they are about to die. Pilgrims bath in the River Ganga, one of if not the most sacred river in Hinduism. The experience is in watching the spectacle of burning bodies and the rituals is very impressive and insightful.

Kolkata :

The indian contrasts are overwhelmingly displayed in Kolkata, with abject poverty and squalorous living conditions mixed up with inexplicably with lush gardens and British Raj-era gems. the city is the cultural capital of the country, formerly, the colonial seat of the British empire in India. Fort William, the Eden Gardens, Victoria Memorial along with many temples and museums are some of the cities most visited landmarks.

Anyone visiting India, walks away with a sense of lack of fulfillment, not because they did not enjoy what they saw, but on the contrary because they didn't have enough time to see more.

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