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The United Kingdom

The island nations made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland has a fascinating history and a mix of vestigial native and immigrant cultures, emanating from its imperial and historical past, and which, no thanks to its wet climate, makes it a popular destination for millions..

England :

The largest and most populous nation of the union, with one of the most famous cities in the isles, London, and its long history, culture, architecture, nightlife, and its cosmopolitan vibe. it serves as capital to both England and the U.K and is a world leader in culture fashion and finance. it is also dotted with attractions that keep bringing in millions of visitor every year.

Other remarkable cities are Manchester, Birmingham and the The home of the Beatles, Liverpool.

surrounded by North Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, and bordered by England to the south. Scotland is a country of beautiful scenery, rich history. it is well known for its highlands, and being the birthplace of golf. but also for being home to one of the most famous monsters, Loch Ness monster. The friendliness of the people and the diversity of landscapes is very welcoming to scores of visitors. One beautiful city to see is Edinburgh, with its beautiful castles and streets full of history... Another is Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, famous for its warm pub scene.

Wales :

Wales has a living Celtic culture, beautiful landscapes, on top of being Britain's prime Surfing destination with the quality of its waters and its waves. It is also known for its scenery with many spectacular "National Parks". It is surprisingly one of Europe's premiere scuba diving spots also.

The capital of Wales, Cardiff, is great to soak in the country's history and the welsh culture.

Swansea is another beautiful city in Wales...

Northern Ireland :

Northern Ireland has stunning landscapes and scenery, and has turned the page on a violent past, to become welcoming and open for visitors. Belfast is a vibrant city that went through a recent revival, it is also home to Titanic Studios where Game of Thrones is shot. The Giant's Causeway is a good natural feature to visit.

There is plenty to see in the United Kingdom, and no article could cover and do it justice. The country is home to 25 Unecso world heritage sites. Some of the worlds best museums, including the British museum. And if lucky one might just have a chance to have a glimpse of the Queen.

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