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The United States of America

The Third largest country by population, but arguable the most popular. A relatively young nation, yet not lacking in cultural heritage. Modern, diverse, vibrant, and full of culture, entertainment, vast expanses of breath taking landscapes of all sorts. untouched wilderness and countless national parks. It has for decades welcomed immigrants from every culture and creed, and formed a "melting pot." The result is an astonishing culture, dominant coveted and trend setting, in food, fashions, arts, entertainment... America as it is called, is home to some of the worlds most popular destinations, in need of no introduction.

New York :

The original metropolis, New York invented many features of the modern big city. Its skyline is probably the most recognizable in the world. It is home to time square, and its LED lights, visible from space. Just standing there observing is in itself an experience that makes you forget how long you have been there...The museums are second to none in the world, the museum of national history, and the the Metropolitan Museum. Central park is a delightful green oasis in the middle of the urban jungle. Broadway always has something for every taste. New York is dominant in television, entertainment, arts, finances, fashion and more...The infrastructure is excellent, the restaurants, theaters, bars and nightclubs are teaming with people and full with enjoyment. It is truly one of the most fun places to visit in the entire world.

Las Vegas :

The Entertainment Capital of the World is its nickname and for good reason. The Vegas strip, is lined with mega hotels and casinos themed and names after romantic destinations, and exhibiting lavish styles. aside from being a gamblers haven. The nightlife is lively, with people walking through brightly illuminated streets, sold out shows and performances almost throughout the year. if you seek entertainment, Vegas as it is called by the locals, has something for you.

Miami :

Miami and its metropolitan area, and the neighboring cities, is a premier destination for beach goers. Across the whole southern coast of Florida, the weather is temperate, the waves are great, and the clubs are lively all year long. Miami is not very far from Walt Disney World, Orlando, which is an enormous conglomeration of five themed parks that promises to suck you in for the whole day...

Los Angeles :

Los Angeles needs no introductions, it is home to the world class film industry that for decades has produced blockbuster pictures and movies, and catapulted many a name into household names across the globe. the city has many iconic spots to visit. Hollywood, with all its film studios is the quintessential first stop, The Hollywood walk of fame...Not to forget the beautiful beaches.

There is not enough time and words to describe some of the beauty found in the country, the places to see, things to do. The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park, and Yosemite National Park come to mind. The United States inspires attracts, and captivates with beauty, enjoyment, creativity, and can do spirit, and anyone lucky to experience it finds themselves wanting to come back.

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