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Copenhagen, a metropolitan paradise with a Nordic feel.

The gateway from continental Europe to the rest of Scandinavia, Copenhagen is a big metropolis with a cozy feel. It is a collection of old and new boroughs, each with a different feel, from old to hip. The greater Copenhagen has also encompassed the neighboring small towns. It has a very vibrant and widespread bike culture, it is indeed one of the most friendly cities to bikers, which proves to be a godsend for those who like the pace of enjoying the local landscape and landmarks at a very pleasant pace. For those who enjoy the walking pace, or walking in general, Copenhagen is ideal for it, as you can reach any attractions within a reasonable time-span and without being completely exhausted, you can find cafés almost anywhere in the city for a break and the restaurants are of good quality and many offer the new Nordic cuisine for sampling (Höst, The Standard, Relæ.) It does not, however, hurt to ask what you are eating or sampling especially if their are no translations provided in the menus...Unless of course you like to be surprised, in which case, you are in for some pleasant surprises.

Copenhagen makes you feel like you can discover, find enjoy things at your leisurely pace, yet envelopes you with a sense of need for more time to enjoy more of what this quiet Nordic urban haven has to offer.

Vesterboro: Western Bridge or Vesterbro, is a hip quarter of Copenhagen, many restaurants have an upscale feel, and boutique design, and offer the ever reviving staples of Scandinavian cuisine as well as world cuisine.


Christian's Harbor") is an bustling area that used to be an old working class neighborhood. It has many canals with picturesque housing on the side, and you can take one of the river tours to enjoy the scenery, it is also the seat of The Freetown of Christiania.

Indre By :

Downtown Copenhagen where The Medieval city is, is rich in landmarks from historical times, churches that showcase historical architecture, streets that are reminiscent of old Mediterranean towns in ho narrow and maze like they are yet maintain a danish charm with many historical buildings here and there, museums are in no shortage either.

Nørrebro :

Is one of the most mixed and lively parts of Copenhagen, with immigrants and students, making for a vibrant nightlife, it is not very far from the eastern borough where you can find Kastellet citadel, and the little mermaid statue.

Northern suburbs:

The northern suburbs have a lot of nice parks with greenery and spaces for recreation, recreational parks, and not surprisingly an open air museum.


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