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Germany: The castles, the history, the nightlife, and of course the people... So much more than just

Germany is more than just the recent world war histories, it is one of the most influential European nations historically and culturally, and one of the world's main economic powers. It is a land of high-tech engineering, Roman ruins, medieval castles, beautiful river valleys, scenic mountains, food and large portions of beer and wine. The country will surprise you with its charm, its accessibility, and you might even be surprised by how friendly its people can be.

Berlin :

The largest city in Germany, and one of Europe's best multicultural hubs. The city spans for miles, but has an excellent public transportation system that allows visitors access to the many abundant pleasures the city offers. Cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries and clubs are around every corner, refreshing and lively. Unless you stay very long , it would be better to chose your spots wisely, and concentrate on what your trip objective is, as with any large city of course. And whatever you choices may be, there is a great chance you will have a good time.

Munich :

Munich is large Bavarian city that is German in character, with Mediterranean-style street cafes, and a cosmopolitan vibes. This is especially apparent during Oktoberfest, where the southern German city welcomes millions with open arms. It is also a stop for visitors seeking the ski slopes of the Alps. The architecture preserves its historic charm, and there is no shortage of landmarks to see. The city is also one of, if not the beating heart of German industry, with many world giants headquartered in it.

Hamburg :

Hamburg is another charming big German city with many sights to see, restaurants and bars, and a vibrant nightlife. Germany's main port city's size and its reputation as a center of international trade, does not diminish its historic charm and coziness. The public transport system is very good and allows you access to the many museums, clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, not to forget the Reeperbahn, the city's red light district and one of Hamburg's curiosities.

The Black Forest :

A wooded mountain range in the southwest corner of Germany, famous for legends and the black fir trees, watchmaking, skiing and tourism. The region has a very relaxed atmosphere, attracting mainly German and Swiss tourists, and is a welcome break from the large metropolitan areas of which the country has a large number.

There are many other cities and areas that make Germany a very nice place to visit, Frankfurt, a bustling city and the financial and transportation hub of Europe with its auto show...Bremen, Nuremberg, Dresden and more. You will walk away satisfied and with a sense of newly gained respect...

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