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Vienna, see the full charm of an imperial capital.

Austria's cultural, economic, and political center. Its history is very illustrious and its heritage ranges over music, architecture, and arts. The once imperial capital enchants you with with beautiful streets and landmarks full of history, so many landmarks that its historic center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage.

The laid back Austrian capital on the Danube river, can be explored on foot or if you prefer by bicycle, but one way of getting an intimate look is on a carriage cab, on the circular road that surrounds the old town. While walking you can check out one of the many coffee houses that line the streets or one of the wine taverns. That is not to say that the city lacks in upscale restaurants and cafes, as there are more than enough of these to satisfy all tastes.

While exploring, and enjoying the architecture of the buildings, some of which date back to hundreds of years and reflect the history of the city going back to the Romans. You are sure to run into some iconic landmarks. Schönbrunn or the imperial summer residence, Hofburg, the very large Imperial Palace, and the Belvedere Palace are just examples of many landmarks that make Vienna so rich in history and prime for sightseeing. In your travels around town, you might also come up on one of the many museums that Vienna is home two. the most known of which are the Museum of Fine Arts and Albertina museum, but the Museum of Modern Art and the Architectural Center are pleasant stops as well.

Another part of the city's charm is its great musical heritage. With so many classical music icons having called the city home, celebrated composer such as Strauss, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. And the city has many concert halls, or outdoors concerts that continue this musical tradition.

The Vienna Biennale is an event that started in 2015 and supposed to take place once every 2 years and combines art, design, and architecture and more.

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