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Less popular destinations that are absolutely delightful, part 4

Dusseldorf, Germany:

located in western Germany, Düsseldorf, like very many German cities is a strong economic center, for sure, that is not uncommon for many cities in Germany, a country that is veritable economic locomotive in Europe. What sets Dusseldorf apart is not, its fashion industry which is very vibrant, But indeed what makes this city delightful is its lively calendar of events, carnivals, and shows, that attracts people from around the world and forms a spectacle that is unlike any. The Boot Messe boat and water-sports fair, the Kirmes fun fair, lasting 9 days, and the fashion Igedo adding to many daily musical concerts of all musical genres.

The historical architecture of the city's old town was rebuild and restored after being decimated during the war. The old town turns into a vibrant bar scene at night. The city has many statutes and monuments scattered everywhere.

In Düsseldorf modern also attracts you, with many buildings showcasing artful modern designs that you wound not see anywhere else.

Florence :

The birthplace of the Italian renaissance, a cultural, artistic and architectural jewel. Renaissance and neoclassical architectures, seen in much of Europe's famous cities originated in Florence. The city's name is synonymous with many great names, the astronomer Galileo, artists Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo to name a few, and the city offers a chance to visit where some of them are burried... The Medicis, ruled the city and through marriage spread the cities renaissance to other parts of Europe. The city has some excellent museums, among which is The Uffizi. You could browse through the jewelry shops at the Ponte Veccio, or the old bridge, which survived the test of time since the 13th century. You could also check out the Pitti Palace, or the adjacent Boboli Gardens, with beautiful landscapes and statues. the renaissance city has so many landmarks that a small summary would not do justice to, not to mention the world famous Tuscan cuisine with all its flavors...

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