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Berlin, Germany's seductive beating heart.

Berlin is among the most iconic cities in the world. There are destinations that capture you with their cozy charm, others that are rich in landmarks, or attractions and activities. Berlin is one of those destinations that stand out. Just the name itself, rings with history, recent, and way past. It resonates cultural richness. Roaming around the large city, with its endless possibilities for sightseeing, you walk with a feeling that you already know its corners, and streets and plazas. Yet, there is so much to Berlin, that you find yourself pleasantly surprised, and immersed. Berlin is not just a typical large metropolis. It is a fortress of European tradition, but also a unique center of its ever evolving modernity.

You might feel taken aback but the shear size of its far flung corners, but with some planning and a good itinerary with some jotted goals in mind, you are sure to satisfy your sightseeing curiosities.

For those interested in a more traditional tourist experience, a good place to start is museum island. this is an island with five museums conveniently clumped together in the heart of the city. the Pergamon Museum, the Bode-Museum, the New Museum, the Old National Gallery and not to forget the Old Museum, still holding on to its 19th century feel. Each one of these is sure to satisfy a multitude of tastes. And they frequently hold themed events showcasing some of the worlds most sought after artifacts...

If you are interested in a more close and personal experience, you are guaranteed to encounter what your heart craves among the streets of Berlin, frequenting its open markets market hall Neun, Marheineke and Tegel Indoor Market are among many such venues, that offer a cozy athmosphere for buying collectibles or grabbing a bite... If you're still hungry, sampling Berlin's diverse street food is an experience you'll remember. If you would rather stop in and try one of its retaurants or taverns, make sure you sample one of Germany's most prized specialties, brews. These are offered in beer gardens and micro breweries, and are offered in many varieties and seasonal specialties, not to mention that they can be an excellent complement to your evenings.

In your travels, you might happen upon some of the cities beautiful green spaces and parks. Schlosspark and Gutshof in Fredersdorf, Stadtkirche and Orangerie in Altlandsberg. The Architectural Trail and the Museumspark in Rüdersdorf, or the Lenné Park in Hoppegarten.

Berlin is also a hub for international fashion, and its streets offer shopping opportunities for everyone.

For a completely different vantage point, take a boat tour, slowly cruising on the miles upon miles of waterways that offer a n intimate view of some of Berlin's prime landmarks as the Reichstag, Berlin Cathedral and Museum Island, on the River Spree. Landwehr canal tour takes you under many of the cities historical bridges...These are even offered at night which makes for some magical sights.

There is so much else to experience and see in Berlin. Concerts and events are taking place year-round, the nightlife is addicting, and the landmarks are countless... This summary only scratches the surface of the beautiful, rich in character, metropolis. You will have to see for yourself...

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