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Stunning winter destinations that should be tourist magnets...

Lake Thun, Swiss Alps:

It is no secret that the Swiss alps are some of the most popular and sought after winter destinations. In the Bernese highlands, where some of the most well known peaks in Switzerland, like the Jungfrau and the Eiger stand. Lake Thun and the surrounding towns and villages are a winter travelers dream come true. This is not very far from from the beautiful quiet city of Bern, Thun itself is a former Roman fortress, there are quite a few things to do and see, and the area is especially picturesque in the winter...

If you are more interested in the more traditional ski resort experience, Zermatt, a few hours south west is the place for you. This location is not obscure to millions that frequent it every year, wanting to see the Matterhorn. In fact, it has been a popular destination for close to 200 years, especially since the establishment of the cog train...It is a veritable skiers and winter sport haven.

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