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South America's best places 3

The Iguazu Falls :

Are waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of the Argentina and the Brazil. The falls are a natural wonder, they are taller than Niagara falls, they are split down the middle. Access to them is easier through the Argentine side.

Patagonia :

Patagonia is a remote area on the very south of South America, which allowed its natural habitats to stay pristine and untouched. you can penguin colonies near Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, and depending on where you visit from you can observe some impressive glaciers.

These two countries, are the big two in the continent, with more to show than just a contentious rivalry. stop by Rio, or Buenos Aires for a real taste of the continent's big two.

On your way to and from these destinations you might have a chance to see more of the continent, some of its cities beaches rivers and of course meet the people whom make south america the warm welcoming place it can be. the Amazon river wherever you chose to go see it from is an amazing sight. the beaches are very beautiful and enticing and the food will enchant your taste buds.


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