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The world's most delightful gardens: Part 3

In part 3, we will take a look at the gardens at the Chateaux De Versailles, and Monet's garden as two very exquisite examples of french botanical art.


The chateaux, a seat of political power for hundreds of years, is a display of gilded opulence fit for a french royal. If you happen to have a chance to visit this world renown landmark, do not deprave yourself from enjoying the gardens. if the palace was the kinds residence, the gardens at Versailles were his primary playground. walking around, you see fountains, statues, plants and trees spread out beautifully. And the gardens were surprisingly equipped with technology that was way ahead of its time that powered the fountains for example...all makes for a pleasing visual labyrinth only rivaled by the halls of the palace itself.

Monet's garden at Giverny:

Monet fell in love with this small french town, moved there and ended up buying his rental house. he then personally made his vision of a garden he wanted to paint a reality... The gardens rise up to Monet's reputation, with water features, colorful plants and shrubs intertwined with climbing vined plants. not to mention a chance to see Monet's residence, which for a long time attracted his fans and many painters from around the world that went on to make names for themselves.

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