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The most amazing religious places around the world: French cathedrals

Europe and its long standing history of religious strife, triumph, and reformation, is home to some world renown centers of religion, and worship. Landmarks of different architectural styles pepper the European landscape and show the extent to which kings, nobles, states, and religious leaders went, to beautify places of worship in the European continent. These religious places continue to tell a story, and are a witness to a bygone history...

We will look at some of Europe's most beautiful religious places, cathedrals and places of worship.

The French cathedrals:

France was at one time the seat of the papacy. Add to that France's place in history as a powerful political player in Europe and a center for many religious sects over the centuries...

Some of Europe's most beautiful cathedrals saw life over dozens of painstaking years of hard work, in a race between major french religious figures to build the highest and best...

Notre Dame of Paris

Rome cathedral absolutely stunning motifs

Built in the high baroque style with the infamous gargoyles of Notre dame watching over the city of Paris, it is a must see for tourists and visitors of the city of lights.

Gargoyles seen in gables and corners of the ornate Cathedral, over looking the city of Paris.

Paris is also home to Monmarte sacred heart basilica.

Florence Cathedral

Rouen Cathedral, with light show at night

Rouen saw some of the earliest cathedrals in France, the current one was established on the grounds of a previous church that perished in the viking raids on Normandy. Rollo, the viking leader ( As in the character from the history channel drama Vikings) was baptized here. the cathedral was a for sometime the highest building in Europe.

Abbaye Of Senanque:

Abbaye De Senanque, Senanque Abbey

Crowds flock to this Abbey not for the intricate artful buildings, but because of the stunning natural beauty surrounding this humble monastery built by Cistercian monks. The lavender fields outside are a crowd favorite.

Mont st Michel in Normandy, picturesque monastery.

Venice basilica on a rainy day, still romantic

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